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Young Turk
ISBN: 9781846590283
eISBN: 9781846591150
Jan 2007
13 x 20 cm
400 pages
£ 7.99

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About the Author

Moris Farhi

Photo: Ayşem Çelikiz

Moris Farhi was born in Turkey in 1935. He has written several novels, including Children of the Rainbow and Journey through the Wilderness (both Saqi).

He is a vice-president of International PEN, and in 2001 was awarded an MBE for services to literature. He lives in London.

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'Everyone should go out immediately and buy Moris Farh's latest novel Young Turk ... Warm, witty, wise, humane, it's a delightful and moving book.'
Nicholas Murray, author of Kafka

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