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Three Sisters
ISBN: 9781846590238
eISBN: 9781846591273
June 2010
13 x 20 cm
347 pages

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About the Author
Bi Feiyu is one of the most respected authors and screenwriters in China today. He was born in 1964 in Xinghua, in the province of Jiangsu, China.

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Three Sisters

Bi Feiyu



Three Sisters is a sweeping family saga set in the early years of Mao's reign.

From the petty treachery of the village to the slogans of the Cultural Revolution and the harried pace of city life, three sisters strive to change the course of their destinies as they battle against an infinite ocean of people in a China that does not truly belong to them.

Yumi, the eldest, struggles to retain dignity as her ideal marriage falters. Yuxiu relies on her talent for seduction. And, Yuyang, the youngest, lays her hope in her own intelligence, securing the education that her sisters were denied.

An irreplaceable portrait of contemporary Chinese culture - of lives unknown but immediately familiar, this is a stunning depiction of the challenges facing women in communist China, as well as a powerful examination of the ruptures and bonds of sisterhood.

Translated by Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Li-chun Lin


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'One of China's best contemporary novelists, Bi Feiyu has created an insightful portrait of China during the past half a century with a tale both epic and intimate.'
Yiyun Li

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Little eight was barely a month old when Shi Guifang handed him over to her eledest daughter, Yumi. Outuside of taking him to her breast several times a day, she showed no interest in her baby. In the normal course of events, a mother would treat her newborn son like a living treasure, cuddling him all day long. But not Shi Guifang. The effects of a monthlong lying-in had been the addition of some excess flab and a spirit of indolence.

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