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The Whispering Muse
ISBN: 9781846591242
eISBN: 9781846591433
June 2012
13 x 20 cm
144 pages

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About the Author
Sjón is a celebrated Icelandic poet and novelist. His novels have been translated into twenty-five languages.

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The Whispering Muse


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The year is 1949 and Valdimar Haraldsson, an eccentric Icelander with elevated ideas about the influence of fish consumption on Nordic civilisation, has had the singular good fortune to be invited to join a Danish merchant ship on its way to the Black Sea.

Among the crew is the mythical hero Caeneus, disguised as the second mate. Every evening after dinner he entrances his fellow travellers with the tale of how he sailed with the fabled vessel the Argo on the Argonauts' quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

A master storyteller, Sjón seamlessly blends seafaring yarns of the ancient world with the manners of the modern age.

Translated by Victoria Cribb


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'The Whispering Muse is a quirky, melodic, ticklish, seamlessly-translated, lovingly-polished gem of a novel. Sjón's work deserves space on any self-respecting bookshelf of European fiction.'
David Mitchell

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I was shown to a seat at the captain's table, where Captain Alfredson introduced me to the first and second mates, the first engineer and the purser. There was a woman there too, the purser's wife, I assumed, but later gathered that their marital status was somewhat irregular and it would be more correct to call her his lady friend.

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