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ISBN: 9781846590092
June 2006
13 x 20 cm
200 pages

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Alexandre Najjar was born in Lebanon in 1967, and is considered one of the best Lebanese novelists of his generation. He is a lawyer and a literary critic, and lives in Paris and Beirut.

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The School of War

Alexandre Najjar

Book Cover

"All wars are alike. What I experienced in Lebanon, others experienced in France, in Spain, in Yugoslavia, or elsewhere. Yes, all wars are alike, because while weapons change, the men who wage and are subjected to war do not in the least."

Alexandre Najjar was eight when Lebanon erupted into a bloody and brutal conflict; he was twenty-three when the guns at last fell silent. After seven years of voluntary exile spent clearing his mind from the unbearable nightmare of civil war, he is now back amongst his family and friends, and the past is quickly catching up with him.

As he reacquaints himself with his bullet-riddled city, Alexandre is haunted by vivid memories which he sets down with extraordinary imagination and humour. Sometimes nostalgic, and sometimes brutal and shocking, The School of War offers unforgettable insights into the experience of childhood in war.


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'A marvellously affecting memoir of the war in Lebanon: perfectly pitched and intensely evocative, and all the more powerful from being seen through the eyes of a child.'
William Boyd

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'My mother is in there!' 'Get away from here!' 'How many casualties?' 'One hundred thirty-six!' 'A car bomb?' 'A Peugeot set to explode...'

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