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The Man Who Was Loved
ISBN: 9781846590023
eISBN: 9781846591723
23 March 2006
13 x 20 cm
270 pages

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About the Author
Kay MacCauley studied English literature and drama, and worked in the music industry for several years before writing The Man Who Was Loved, her first novel.

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'A sensuous blur of exotic imagery and colour, of careening time and beauty. This is a remarkable and compelling story and a breathtaking debut.'
Robert Plant

'Elegant ... one of her favourite novelists is F. Scott Fitzgerald ... her prose is just as beautiful... Magical'

'MacCauley writes like a profane angel. Sensuous and evocative, 16th century Venice, with its decadent beauty and decay, soon gets under the skin ... this is a novel to savour and not gobble up ... a stunning debut.'
Historical Novels Review

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On entering the convent gates, she pressed him to her so tightly that he could scarcely breathe. Yet this sensation he found intensely pleasurable. Her skin was rough, none too clean and smelled vaguely of mouldering apples and curdled milk, but to him it was the most beautiful scent imaginable.

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Kay MacCauley reads excerpts from her novel The Man Who Was Loved.

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