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The Ice People
ISBN: 9781846590382
eISBN: 9781846591389
June 2008
13 x 20 cm
316 pages

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About the Author
Maggie Gee was chosen as one of Granta's original Best Young British Novelists. She has published many novels to great acclaim and is the first female Chair of the Royal Society of Literature.

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The Ice People

Maggie Gee


It's the middle of the twenty-first century and the ‘new white world’ of the European Ice Age is upon us. Saul is one of the ‘Ice People’, the reviled peoples of the northern hemisphere.

Reflecting on his youth, when Europe was basking in the effects of global warming and when he first met his beloved wife, he recounts the gradual social and climactic changes that have led to a frozen world where technology has superseded nature, a world where people scavenge to survive.


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'Ambitious and subtle... She writes elegantly, unsentimentally, expertly... The Ice People works persuasively as science fiction, and is truthful about our emotional lives.'

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I, Saul, Teller of Tales, Keeper of Doves, Slayer of Wolves, shall tell the story of my times. Of the best of days, and the end of days. Of the new white world that has come upon us. For whoever will read it. For whoever can read.

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