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My Driver
ISBN: 9781846590795
eISBN: 9781846591334
Fiction/BIC: FA / March 2010
Paperback/ 344 pp

ISBN: 9781846590528
Fiction/ March 2009
Hardback/ 320 pp

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About the Author
Maggie Gee was chosen as one of Granta's original 'Best Young British Novelists'. She is the first female Chair of the Royal Society of Literature.

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My Driver

Maggie Gee


Vanessa Henman, a brittle middle-aged British writer, is attending a Pan-African Writers' Conference in Uganda.

She decides to pay her former cleaner, Mary Tendo, a surprise visit. But Mary, now the Executive Housekeeper of the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, has secretly borrowed Vanessa's ex-husband Trevor, a plumber, and taken him to her home village to help build a well.

Vanessa decides instead to take a trip into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to see the mountain gorillas. But she manages to insult her driver so much that he leaves her in the lurch, and as war threatens Bwindi from the Congo side of the border, it's up to Trevor and Mary to come to her aid.

A hilarious comedy of cultural errors.


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‘My Driver is an entertaining, droll novel, executed with a lovely, light touch […] Gee's control of tone is supremely artful’
Lionel Shriver, Daily Telegraph

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She has moved her watch to Ugandan time, she is getting ready for life in Kampala, and in Kampala, it is 1.15 AM, so there is not many hours before she has to wake up again. They will be landing at 7.45, breakfast should arrive around 6.45, which should be in the middle of the night in London, and all this maths is making her anxious.

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